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The Hypnosis Centre specialise in the treatment to help you stop smoking, overcome phobias and fears, control your weight, overcome stress and anxiety, deal with panic attacks, pass your exams and driving test, speak in public, stop your unwanted habits, gain self confidence, recover from insomnia, IBS and IBS symptoms and relationship issues. Based in Central London and Sussex and covering Horsham, Crawley, Guildford to Worthing, Brighton to Dorking, Crawley to Haywards Heath and throughout West Sussex
Clinical Hypnotherapy from The Hypnosis Centre, Horsham, West Sussex and Central London
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Karen Rawlins, qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy with a post-graduate diploma from LCCH specialising in hypnotherapy treatment to help you stop smoking, overcome phobias, fears, stress, anxiety and panic attacks, control your weight pass your exams or driving test, speak in public, stop your unwanted habits, gain self confidence, treat insomnia, IBS and IBS symptoms and resolve relationship issues.
I did it. Yay!! :) Thank you for providing me with the tools to be confident, calm, engaging and professional during my practical assessment. I was so calm I was actually enjoying it so my personality was able to shine through, resulting in not great, but excellent feedback. Which means I passed :) Thank you so much. DK - - - - - I'm at the 3 week mark no smoking! Can't thank you enough, also just found out that I'm pregnant! Which was the reason I quit! Thank you for changing my life! CT - - - - - I had such a bad phobia of needles that when I needed two fillings I actually avoided the dentist. After seeking help from Karen I learned techniques to deal with the anxiety and now I have two new fillings and a smile on my face. Richard M, Horsham - - - - - I cannot even remember the last time I had any feelings of anxiety. My alcohol consumption is at an all time low and I have no intention of slipping back into my old ways. I know how awful the consequences are for me. Thank you for all your help. I know the people around me are as grateful as I am. - - - - - My heartfelt thanks to you for all the help and kindness you have shown me since the death of my husband. You have given me my life back. Maria - - - - - I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it, and how much you have helped me overcome a very fearful situation. I can't put it into words. It has made such a difference.Thank you P.S. (Slipping phobia) - - - - - My husband Jon and I sought the services of Karen in 2004 to help us stop smoking. We had both been heavy smokers for many years. Neither of us had undergone hypnotherapy before, so we did not know what to expect. The initial consultation was very thorough and everything was explained very clearly. Karen made us feel very welcome and confident of success. The treatment itself went exactly as planned and I am very pleased to say that neither Jon nor I have smoked since. I have recommended Karen to other friends and family for this and other types of hypnotherapy treatments, who have also been successful. My advice is if you are thinking of trying hypnotherapy, do it. It made a difficult task easier. - - - - - I had a needle phobia, and couldn't bear to even look at a needle. I had to go through fertility treatment, and I was told to inject myself every day. This brought me out in a state of pure fear and total panic. I went to see Karen and afterwards was able to inject myself every day for 14 days a month for 3 months, with no problems at all, in fact I almost enjoyed it. Years later I still have no problems going for blood tests, injections or anything else. Thank you - - - - - I came to The Hypnosis Centre with food cravings, a weight problem and making unhelpful food choices as a result of stressful situations. Since my treatment there are foods I have chosen not to eat, I have lost 2.5 stone and my self confidence has improved enormously. My life has turned around. - - - - - The work you did and the self help techniques were brilliant. Thank you. - - - - - After a car accident I used to be unable to drive without being crippled by panic attacks. I would have to pull the car over, and be reduced to a terrified wreck by the side of the road. I even had to abandon the car sometimes and walk home. Thanks to you I can now drive to work, and anywhere else. You have changed my life. - - - - - You made the difference between me passing and failing my motorbike test. Thank you. - - - - - Thanks to hypnosis I was able to revise calmly, efficiently and easily. It was like my brain just soaked up information, and then regurgitated it in the exam. The information kept on coming out of my pen, and I got much higher marks than I could ever have hoped for. I was just amazed - - - - - My general anxiety has all gone and I feel so much better than before. I'm more confident in myself as well as when I'm talking in groups and meetings. I went to a meeting recently and spoke eloquently and confidently. It's made such a difference - - - - - I came to see you several years ago because I had always bitten my nails. One session, and I love my beautiful long nails. Thank you so much. Can you now please help me with... - - - - - I used to suffer with low self esteem, asthma attacks and feelings of rejection. As a result of regression under hypnosis I now understand why, and we have been able to work through them and reduce them significantly. - - - - - I cannot remember having a good night's sleep before my treatment, but now I wake refreshed and able to cope with the day, thanks! - - - - - The stress of suffering from IBS had made me almost completely housebound, I didn't want to mix, I was completely embarrrassed by being chained to the bathroom on family engagements. Since meeting Karen, my life is transformed and I am so much less stressed, it is really liberating. - - - - - I was in a very bad, abusive marriage for 17 years. The Hypnosis Centre taught me coping methods to help me get through every day and to deal with the emotional and physical stresses. When the marriage later broke up, The Hypnosis Centre helped me through the end of my marriage, the emotions, the fears and to work out what I wanted, who I was, to refind my confidence and equilibrium. The Hypnosis Centre was also fantastic with my young daughter, helping me to help her. She had a problem with an abusive father, her parents marriage breaking up and the feeling that she was somehow to blame for it all. The Hypnosis Centre has worked with her, and she is now happy, confident and emotionally stable with a good relationship with me, her father, her friends and herself. - - - - - I'm so impressed with what you have done for me. Thank you. I see big differences. I'm very very happy and losing weight easily. It's going really well. I don't feel like I'm on a diet. I'm not over compensating when I can. I'm finding it easy. I've lost over half a stone in six weeks without feeling deprived. I've made lots of changes easily and it's made such a difference. I've benefited in other areas too... I now chose how I react to things and others, and I no longer feel guilty. Very happy weight control patient. (Nancy F)
Karen Rawlins
BSc (Hons) MBSCH
CHyp DHyp PDCHyp
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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One life. Live it.
Sadly, the loss of a loved one through death can bring devastating changes to our lives. Bereavement comes with a wide range of emotions, overwhelming sadness, helplessness, denial, guilt and often anger. People often wonder how they can cope with their loss. Hypnotherapy cannot bring back a loved one, but it can make the world of difference to your life going forward.

With hypnotherapy we can help you come to terms with your loss and work through your feelings. Whatever your circumstances, we understand it is important to resolve the emotional issues associated with your bereavement and working over time, we can help you reach a state of acceptance which can allow you to move forward positively through life again.

Hypnotherapy does not help you forget your loss, nor simply help you get back to normal; hypnotherapy can help you adapt to the loss of a loved one, to move away from grief and towards acceptance and freedom. If you need our help. please call, we're ready to help you.
Coping with Bereavement with hypnotherapy
"My heartfelt thanks to you for all the help and kindness you have shown me since the death of my husband. You have given me my life back. Maria"
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